Logan – Week 6, 7, 8 and (month 2)

I am terrible at keeping up with proper on-time posts when it comes to Logan’s growth, but I guess it’s hard to find time to blog in general. When he sleeps, I either sleep or do chores around the house. This past Monday was the first night Logan slept in his own nursery, and Tuesday night was the first night he went to bed at a normal 8 o’clock hour. That means now there will be more time in the evenings for adult time, glasses of wine, and possible blog entries. Its great having him on a schedule. He has had a few evenings that have been successful with 4+ hours of sleep at a rip, and a few not so much, though I’m still feeding him in the middle of the night. He is still wee, so that is to be expected.

Its crazy actually. I swear that since he has turned 2 months old, he is much more mature. :) We have already ditched all of his newborn clothes, most of his 0-3 month stuff and he is wearing a lot of his 3-6 month stuff already. His next Dr. appointment┬áis Monday so I’ll report on how much bigger he has gotten, but we can see growth every day. He is cooing up a storm, and his awake time is filled with smiles, activity and general cuteness.┬áIt is crazy how fast time flies when you have a baby. It seems like yesterday that Logan was a floppy, fragile baby, and now he is a thick thigh, neck holding, smiling ball of fun.

Today he is 9 weeks old…though that photo isn’t ready yet, so I’ll just add the ones that haven’t been posted yet. Enjoy!


Week 7 we were in Los Angeles, so we couldn’t use our glider like we normally do. My dad’s chair makes Logan look MUCH smaller.



And a crazy comparison between Month 1 and Month 2. Look at how wiry he was and now how plump and alert he is. Crazy right?



I’ve also added a few videos for your viewing pleasure. Video 1 is full of smiles, and Video 2 is full of cooing and general chatter.


  1. Linda Summers

    Love this!! Reading at school on my phone. I dont see videos. Maybe they will show at home. Will call y

  2. Linda Summers

    I’ll call later. Want to hear about his sleeping. Josh had another girl. Aviva

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