A glimpse inside the nursery

Remember when the nursery looked like this? It was just a plain off white room, and at the time we were wondering what color the walls were going to be. After we figured out we were having a son, the shopping and sewing began. How far the nursery has come. It has to be my favorite room in the house now. Not only because it was created out of love for our then unborn son, but because I have to say, it’s just adorable. :)

I busted out my sewing prowess (the ability to sew in straight lines), and made the crib skirt, window valance and curtain for Mick’s closet out of a black and white chevron pattern. We bought the letters above his crib from the Alameda Antique Faire. It’s a dude who cuts letters from metal, and even though you can’t really tell from this photo, they are metal and rustic and awesome for a robot room. The mobile above his crib has hanging robots, the lamp next to it is a robot as well (with a hand painted chevron lampshade). The flag bunting above the name was also handmade using Logan’s robot fabric that is also on his quilt and pillow.


We painted the fan blades and his door red.



The changing table wall and glider corner has the majority of the art in the room. There is also a shelf of robots, a few which were also procured at the Antique Faire.


Clockwise from bottom left: Darth Vader and Darth Vader Jr., Old school robot on the moon, Kittens in Star Wars Helmets, The ABC’s of Star Wars, IG-88 (a bounty hunter from Star Wars). –note the Star Wars theme, I’m sure it’s going to be a huge part of Logan’s life.



The little monsters on wood are Jeff Soto’s Seeker Friends. He creates new ones almost monthly, and since this photo was taken there are 2 more up there. They aren’t robots, but they sure are cute.


Behind the curtain is Mick’s closet. I made the curtain to hide all his shoes. The little rocking chair we painted is there as well.


Logan’s wardrobe from IKEA is adorned with removable robot stickers.


And we finished it off with a brightly colored rug, and makeshift bookshelf under the window.


I hope it’s a room that he learns to love. We haven’t been spending much time in it yet as Logan is currently bunking with us, but I foresee many books read in the glider, and a lot of play time on the floor. The bright colors definitely fit in our aesthetic, and I’m pretty obsessed with it. It helps that it’s the cleanest room in the house….though probably not for long. :)


  1. Lisa Wilkinson

    oh my god, so adorable! I cried as I was reading it – so much love in that room, & hard work I’m sure!! I love it! And thank you for the adorable Post Card…hope I get to meet him – and see you soon. Maybe next time you’re in the valley or another KD reunion! :-)

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