The Third Bedroom

We are totally behind in showing you the progress to our house. You all have NO idea that we have repainted the living room. We now have a new dining room table, chairs, rug, and the artwork is hung. But you will all have to wait to see the photos from that project. More importantly I have closet doors in our bedroom. More on that later as well.

What I wanted to write about was our mysterious third bedroom. We haven’t done anything with it. We haven’t talked about it, and when people see it in person, we say “this is going to be another guest room,” or “we aren’t sure about what to do with this room yet.”

As of right now…lets take a tour. It is currently acting as storage.

It houses Mick’s shoes and clothes.

It has amazingly textured walls and ceilings (not sure if that’s sarcasm, but its the only room in the house with that texture.) Can you see it? Its there, kind of  a stucco quality.

Anyway, now that you have received the mini-tour of our unfinished bedroom, the only question that remains is will the walls be painted pink or blue? The world will know in January 2013.


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