The Red Door at the End of the Hallway

Mick here. Look….real quick story. The previous homeowners had dirty hands and filthy lives. They left charcoaly, carbon finger smudges all over the place, and when i was in the bathroom, i noticed finger prints on the ceiling near the top of the medicine cabinet. As if hands NEED to go there. So i checked. I found a piece of tinfoil, a straw, a broken cigarette and a rusty disposable razor missing the razors. So yeah. After school specials taught me that this scene aint clean. Freebasing. Crack…whatevs. There ya go. Never thought youd read about freebasing in a home-renovation blog, huh? Anywho…..yeah. Its gross. Lets move on….

HELLO. FINALLY. It’s been awhile since we posted about some destruction and construction. We have been very busy attacking Chez What, and youll be seeing more posts from us. YAY. That said….shall we begins?

You saw last post how we did the two of the three rooms in gorgeous Citron green and the other room in Blast Off Yellow (yes, the official Disney color pantone used for Mickey Mouse’s shoes.), but walking that terrible hallway to enjoy our beautiful handiwork and awesome colors sucked.



Like…who paints their hallway “Caucasian Flesh”. Better yet, this hallway had black finger smudges all over the ceiling, specifically by the smoke alarm, (oh, we theorized that when you freebase, it might set off the smoke alarm, hence the finger prints all around it shutting it off) and the hallway just REEKED of cigarettes and the past legacy of terrible people. We were finally like…”No.” and decided to clean it up. The smell of paint kills cigs BTW.

Kittens HATE this old color choice.

The color choices were pretty much the same formula as the rest of the house…neutral tones and a big splash of color. We chose “Porpoise Grey” and….wait for it….”Licorice Stick Red”.

We decided to do the hallway walls in the grey, ceiling and trim in a clean, bright white, and then hit the door at the front of the hallway and the bathroom door in the red. The splashes of bright red against the grey and fresh new white trim really made it all pop together. (So much so, that you should stay tuned for a future post)


Makes you just want to eat those doors.

While we used Lauren’s upstairs bathroom as the “workroom” and got paint on the floor, no one really minded since we hate the tile anyway. DO I SMELL FORESHADOWING?

So moving along, the entire upstairs is complete except the third bedroom and Lauren’s bathroom.

That said, have a terrific night, and stay off the base kids. It will just end up making me hate you and your filthy habits.

Eat licorice instead!


  1. Ileene Morris

    Your hall and doors look great, what an improvement. We will try to get up there this summer and see all your handiwork.

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