Now if only the wood would burn..

Mick has been on an extended work trip to the other side of the world. I could write an entire post on how jealous I am that he is in Australia petting koalas without me, but I’m not going to. I miss him, and while he has been gone, I got a bit productive. Last weekend, the first weekend he was away, I decided I couldn’t handle looking at our ugly ass yellowish brown shiny painted fireplace. Not to mention that I had been playing with primer at an earlier date, so we it had been there with a weird paint splotch on it as well since we moved in. Not a pleasant sight to stare at all day.

No idea whose idea this color was.

We also had a bunch of ceiling that hadn’t been painted, as well as the trim on all the windows in the living room. It was time to make the room feel more complete. I also needed a reason to have to hang out in the living room all day, as I have become addicted to The Wire. So…my weekend was spent finishing the painting in the living room, and watching two seasons of The Wire. That’s right… two seasons. Twenty-five episodes. One weekend. Gross? Sad? Maybe, but I was missing Mick and motivated to paint…and watch it dry (and The Wire).

Gross shiny paint.

When we first started to tackle the fireplace, back before we moved our stuff in, we had thought to sand it down to paint it due to the shiny coat on top. After an attempt at sanding to the brick, we decided that it was a huge pain in the we tried the primer. That’s where the little blotch came from. It worked. So I just went ahead and primed the whole thing.

Primed and ready

I let it dry overnight, and then woke up in the morning ready to go…and what a difference some paint makes. It feels like a real fireplace now. Something that makes a center point in the room. The next step will be to destroy the awful tiles that are on the floor and replace them with a nice dark slate or something similar. I see that happening in the near future.

Yes, thats The Wire on the TV.

RANDOM RANT: Did you know that Duraflame is “seasonal?” We couldn’t buy Duraflame logs during some of the coldest weeks that we have had so far..because its seasonal?? WTF? People don’t make fires in March?? Well..we bought wood. And that wood was wet. And it has yet to burn. So now, it just looks pretty sitting next to our fireplace. And I’m cold.

The living room trim and ceiling are done as well.

completed window trim

the front window

Additionally, I put together a futon for the office. Ah yes…the exciting stuff we do when alone.

the rug really ties the room together

I really need to start taking better photos. The camera phone at night just isn’t cutting it.



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