Logan – Week 6, 7, 8 and (month 2)

I am terrible at keeping up with proper on-time posts when it comes to Logan’s growth, but I guess it’s hard to find time to blog in general. When he sleeps, I either sleep or do chores around the house. This past Monday was the first night Logan slept in his own nursery, and Tuesday night was the first night he went to bed at a normal 8 o’clock hour. That means now there will be more time in the evenings for adult time, glasses of wine, and possible blog entries. Its great having him on a schedule. He has had a few evenings that have been successful with 4+ hours of sleep at a rip, and a few not so much, though I’m still feeding him in the middle of the night. He is still wee, so that is to be expected.

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In mid-February we went on our first road trip as a family. We drove from Oakland to Los Angeles, so Mick could fly out of LAX for a work trip to sunny Boca Raton. While Mick was out-of-state for business during the week, I continued our road trip to San Diego. It wasn’t our first time hanging solo, but definitely the most complicated trip. It was more than just us hanging out at home. This was toting all our stuff around (babies require A LOT!!), sleeping at different places, and keeping ourselves sane. Logan got to meet some of our family and friends he hadn’t met yet as well as see some who were excited to see him again. On this trip he started smiling more, slept in a bassinet without the infant insert, and graduated to size 1 diapers. He also proved to be a great traveller.


Grandma got to play before Mick left.


We got to hang with Naomi and her daughter Isabella


Cousin Kyle got to hang with Logan when he was up to no good.


Great-aunt Nancy got in on the fun too.


He fell asleep in cousin Stephanie’s lap.


Nanna kicked it with Logan. Poppa wasn’t photographed this time.


Logan is lucky enough to have a great grandma! (He actually has 2)


And a great grandpa!

We also got to hang with Emily and her daughters, and Rachel and hers though I forgot to bust out the camera. Next time!!

Logan – Week 4 and 5 (and month 1)

Yesterday marked Logan’s 5th week of being in our lives. We are documenting the weeks of his life as well as the months, which oddly enough dont correspond. Logan at week 4 was taken on a Friday (that’s the day of the week he was born), and month 1 was taken on the 4th (that’s the number of the month he was born). It’s all very convoluted, but just gives us an excuse to take more photos of our fast growing buddy. His monthly photos will be taken with the same animal (a handmade bear from Jaisette) to document his growth, a different fabric, and in a hand sewn Wunzee with the number on it.

You can see his past weeks here and here.






A glimpse inside the nursery

Remember when the nursery looked like this? It was just a plain off white room, and at the time we were wondering what color the walls were going to be. After we figured out we were having a son, the shopping and sewing began. How far the nursery has come. It has to be my favorite room in the house now. Not only because it was created out of love for our then unborn son, but because I have to say, it’s just adorable. :)

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Logan – Week 2 and 3

I know I said that we were going to post weekly photos of Logan to get his growth documented. And while we have been diligent about taking the photos, we have slacked on posting them. What can we say, a newborn is a lot of work, and between the napping, pooping and eating its hard to get time to post when we should. With that, I present you weeks 2 and 3. I’ll throw in week 1 for good measure. (Note, we now realize that we need to keep the distance to the chair consistent, because he looks like a giant in week 1.)




And we are back….with one more resident at Chez What

Whoa…I can’t believe that it has been over 6 months since our last entry. I feel terrible about it, I mean, how can you all possibly know what is going on in our lives if we aren’t writing about it on the blog (ahem, Facebook). We have done quite a few things to the house since then, additionally having the decision made of what to paint the nursery made for us when we figured out we were having a mini-Mick. We will share house updates, pictures of the nursery and try to be more diligent about updating the blog, but first we want to introduce the world to our son, Logan Rhys Frederick.

He is a little peanut, and from the day he was born, he was alert and taking in his new world. He came into this world at 3:06 pm on January 4, 2013 weighing in at 7.5 pounds and 21.25 inches tall.


Hi! I’m Logan and I was just born!

I haven’t shared my birth story with the interwebs yet, but figured I wanted to put it out there so I don’t forget what this little bundle of goodness put me through to enter this world. This might be a bunch of TMI, but I’m ok with that.

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The Third Bedroom

We are totally behind in showing you the progress to our house. You all have NO idea that we have repainted the living room. We now have a new dining room table, chairs, rug, and the artwork is hung. But you will all have to wait to see the photos from that project. More importantly I have closet doors in our bedroom. More on that later as well.

What I wanted to write about was our mysterious third bedroom. We haven’t done anything with it. We haven’t talked about it, and when people see it in person, we say “this is going to be another guest room,” or “we aren’t sure about what to do with this room yet.”

As of right now…lets take a tour. It is currently acting as storage.

It houses Mick’s shoes and clothes.

It has amazingly textured walls and ceilings (not sure if that’s sarcasm, but its the only room in the house with that texture.) Can you see it? Its there, kind of  a stucco quality.

Anyway, now that you have received the mini-tour of our unfinished bedroom, the only question that remains is will the walls be painted pink or blue? The world will know in January 2013.

Busy walls make us smile

Hi all..just a quick photo update on the last post. Mick posted on how the hallway is now painted and lovely. But it felt a bit empty when walking down the happy halls. Nothing to look at while heading to bed. Nothing to make it feel like our home, after all we are listed as an art gallery on Foursquare.

Check out the hallway now! First a before look (after the paint job).

Freshly painted hallway

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The Red Door at the End of the Hallway

Mick here. Look….real quick story. The previous homeowners had dirty hands and filthy lives. They left charcoaly, carbon finger smudges all over the place, and when i was in the bathroom, i noticed finger prints on the ceiling near the top of the medicine cabinet. As if hands NEED to go there. So i checked. I found a piece of tinfoil, a straw, a broken cigarette and a rusty disposable razor missing the razors. So yeah. After school specials taught me that this scene aint clean. Freebasing. Crack…whatevs. There ya go. Never thought youd read about freebasing in a home-renovation blog, huh? Anywho…..yeah. Its gross. Lets move on….

HELLO. FINALLY. It’s been awhile since we posted about some destruction and construction. We have been very busy attacking Chez What, and youll be seeing more posts from us. YAY. That said….shall we begins?

You saw last post how we did the two of the three rooms in gorgeous Citron green and the other room in Blast Off Yellow (yes, the official Disney color pantone used for Mickey Mouse’s shoes.), but walking that terrible hallway to enjoy our beautiful handiwork and awesome colors sucked.



Like…who paints their hallway “Caucasian Flesh”. Better yet, this hallway had black finger smudges all over the ceiling, specifically by the smoke alarm, (oh, we theorized that when you freebase, it might set off the smoke alarm, hence the finger prints all around it shutting it off) and the hallway just REEKED of cigarettes and the past legacy of terrible people. We were finally like…”No.” and decided to clean it up. The smell of paint kills cigs BTW.

Kittens HATE this old color choice.

The color choices were pretty much the same formula as the rest of the house…neutral tones and a big splash of color. We chose “Porpoise Grey” and….wait for it….”Licorice Stick Red”.

We decided to do the hallway walls in the grey, ceiling and trim in a clean, bright white, and then hit the door at the front of the hallway and the bathroom door in the red. The splashes of bright red against the grey and fresh new white trim really made it all pop together. (So much so, that you should stay tuned for a future post)


Makes you just want to eat those doors.

While we used Lauren’s upstairs bathroom as the “workroom” and got paint on the floor, no one really minded since we hate the tile anyway. DO I SMELL FORESHADOWING?

So moving along, the entire upstairs is complete except the third bedroom and Lauren’s bathroom.

That said, have a terrific night, and stay off the base kids. It will just end up making me hate you and your filthy habits.

Eat licorice instead!

Now if only the wood would burn..

Mick has been on an extended work trip to the other side of the world. I could write an entire post on how jealous I am that he is in Australia petting koalas without me, but I’m not going to. I miss him, and while he has been gone, I got a bit productive. Last weekend, the first weekend he was away, I decided I couldn’t handle looking at our ugly ass yellowish brown shiny painted fireplace. Not to mention that I had been playing with primer at an earlier date, so we it had been there with a weird paint splotch on it as well since we moved in. Not a pleasant sight to stare at all day.

No idea whose idea this color was.

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